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:::Lineage 2 DarkSun: Goddess of Destruction Lindvior:::
Dynamic Quests: Demons of Darkness, Labyrinth of Harnak, Memorial Service, Orbis Temple (All Stages), Seed of HellFire
Instances: All High Five Instances, Altar Shilien, Bergano, Harnak, Kartia, Isthima, Tauti, Teredor, Vullock, etc
:::Lineage 2 High Five OFF:::

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-L2OFF High Five Retail Files

-Skills, quest, drops, PvP, etc...OFFICIAL

-Support for 3000+ Players

-Active Geodata

-Bot and Hack Protection

-Buff: 30min

 -Song/Dance: 4 min   


-Community Board   







-L2-Scripts Lindvior Files

-All Campains

-All 34 class individual are back in Awaken (4 JOB)

-Dual Class

-Equips, R, R95 and R99

-Active Geodata

-Bot and Hack Protection